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Plants on the Window

Our Story

Since 2020

It all began with an idea.

The idea behind The Greenhouse Co. started as a hobby with a small collection of tropical plants. But soon, as all houseplant enthusiasts can predict, one plant turned into 5 and then 10 and then 20. Before you know it, the once dull, concrete confines of our home was replaced with an urban jungle in our quiet neighborhood (much to my mother’s dismay, as plants have now taken siege over her kitchen and office work spaces).

As the ways of the universe will have it, adversity gives rise to creativity and with the imminent shut down of this expensive hobby, The Greenhouse Co. was born…

A platform where we could share with the world the products of our carefully propagated plants at reasonable prices, allowing this fulfilling activity of plant parenting to be enjoyed by people of all ages and level of planting expertise! (Also a fantastic excuse for us to continue buying and propagating more plants under the guise of “business”)

- your friendly neighborhood plant enthusiast

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Pretoria South Africa

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Image by Arash Asghari
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